1992 Kawasaki Concours ZG1000-A7

05/22/2011 - Intermittent no start when hot



Sometimes the engine won't start when hot or warm, after being shut off for a short period of time (1-20 minutes). It turns out this is a known problem with these bikes. The soldered pins on the start circuit relay crack after a few years. The relay is located on a bread board inside the fuse box (known as the J-box, jbox or junction box). Kawasaki never meant for this to be "fixed" by taking the box apart. They want you to buy a new j-box for $165.

However, people like the COG members (and myself) would never be stopped from fixing the broken part(s).

I removed the j-box and  removed all fuses, etc. I then drilled out the plastic rivets holding the bottom cover of the box using a 3/16" bit. Be careful to just remove the rivet head only. Then removed the 2 phillips head screws holding the circuit board. There are three relays on the board.

Eight of the pins had cracked solder joints. I simply smeared a small amount of flux on each pin, and re-soldered the joints. Put it all back together, installed it on the bike, and bingo, instant start. We will see how it holds up after a wild hog run.

the 3 relays

black marks indicate cracked joints